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A love-filled and lovely experience

A love-filled and lovely experience

The afternoon October air is chilly, cold enough to make the use of a jacket mandatory. Despite the temperature, the butterflies refused to cease their fluttering. First, a restaurant dinner. Second, a stroll through the park. Third, a comfy movie. And now fourth, a shopping trip through the city. It is our fourth date, you think to yourself, calm down already! The butterflies do not listen.

You are waiting near the agreed-upon fountain, an easy marker to find among the large crowd of people. You start to scan for her face, jumping while doing so both to get a better view and to heat you up. Finally, you opt to stand on the edge of the fountain, the butterflies making it easier to make that step up. Just as you do so, you see her. A rose among daffodils. She is wearing jeans, a button up coat, and glinting earrings, her long, brown hair resting gracefully on her back.

She is looking around; you hope she is looking for you. When her eyes lock with yours, they gleam brighter than the stones on her ears. She pushes past the crowd as you float down from off the fountain’s edge. When she reaches you, October turns to April, her wonderful smile warming you from within.

“You look…great,” you manage to exhale, her radiance momentarily stealing your breath. Her cheeks grow rosier as she casts her head down. You think you might have said something wrong, but suddenly she lifts her head back up while standing slightly on her toes to kiss you. The kiss does not last long, but the softness and the sweetness calms the butterflies completely. When she pulls away, your smile mirrors her own. You reach for her hand, her and your fingers interlacing instinctively. The feeling within you is something you have never felt before, but you know that, like the girl standing next to you, you never want to let it go.

Love is a beautiful thing, something that everyone deserves to experience. Filled with romance, skip-a-beat situations, and of course love, Ore Monogatari!! delivers this message with all its heart.

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