Review/discussion about: Bakuon!!

Bakuon!! / Episode 11 / Rin, Hane, Onsa, Hijiri, and Raimu about to fight over which bike a certain character should pursue

Two wheels do make a right

I’ve never ridden a motorcycle, but I used to ride my bike around my neighborhood as a kid.

The bike was a hand-me-down from my cousin. It had a glossy green metallic frame. The back wheels had these extra spokes to let someone else stand on (or for grinding rails should one be skilled enough). And it made a nice clicking noise as I rode it down the sidewalk. It was a cool bike which, by proxy, made me cool, too (which is pretty hard to do).

While I liked that bike very much (and maybe because of it), I’ve always wanted to try riding a motorcycle. And as the girls of Bakuon!! prove, motorcycles are more than just glorified bicycles.

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