Review/discussion about: Eromanga-sensei

Eromanga-sensei / Episode 10 / Sagiri playing the card game with Masamune, Elf, and Muramasa

That which must not be named

Names are a vital part to our day-to-day lives.

Mostly because they allow us to identify others. Take myself on the Internet. I go by the name “Banjo” and have done so since I first started taking part in the community. But it’s not just for people. We name pets. We name foods in the wild. We name tracks on a music album.

Without names, we’d be left with describing something without really pinpointing the thing in question. “The dog the Johnsons’ got.” “That one red, rounded fruit.” “That goofball anime writer that always starts his reviews with a prologue and an anecdote.” Clearly possible to do so, but names make it easy to quickly and accurately specify what we encounter.

Same goes for Eromanga-sensei. Its name (formally a title) instantly selects which anime a person is talking about in a conversation. Coincidentally, the name also makes it a simple method of determining which show to chuck farther away than a poison apple.

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