Review/discussion about: Little Witch Academia (TV)

Little Witch Academia (TV) / Episode 2 / Akko's favorite poster of Shiny Chariot

A magical experience

(As supplementary material for this review, please refer to my writing on themes and motifs, “Little Witch Academia and Thematic ‘Magic'”.)

I can’t recall if I’ve talked about the Harry Potter series in-depth in the past, but, even if I did, it’s too relevant to Little Witch Academia and my own interests to leave on the wayside.

Long story short, I love that universe. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are an awesome trio of protagonists. The lore is interesting and packed with lots of details. Its premise, setting, and timeline make for a neat setup over the course of its whole run. I’ve read all the books, and I’ve seen the adapted films more times than I can count. It’s simply a world that I hold dear.

Do I put Little Witch Academia on the same pedestal personally? No, it doesn’t quite earn a special place in my heart. But what it does do regardless is craft and present an anime that’s worthy of praise all the same.

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