Hello, friend!

The name is Banjo, an avid anime reviewer, analyzer, and writer. While I haven’t been with anime my entire life, my newfound passion for the medium, mixed with my literary prowess, has given me something special. And that is my hobby of critically looking at all-things anime. As of 03/31/2019, I’ve crafted over 300 separate reviews, and that number will continue to rise in the years to come!

Within my blog, you’ll find the reviews and analyses of every single anime that I complete. You’ll also definitely find references and talk about Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!, my favorite anime of all time. I love that show beyond what words can describe.

At the same time, there will be other articles that I publish that still relate to anime but go into a lot more depth about particular topics or a specific subject relating to the medium. Hopefully you’ll still find these pieces fun to read, too.

Beyond that, I’m just a regular guy who loves his family, his friends, and the wonderful people who have been able to help me get to this point in my professional writing career. I’m extremely appreciative of everyone who has supported me, cheered me on, or otherwise helped me in making me the kind of writer and, more importantly, the kind of person that I am today.

While I am still always looking to improve myself, I’m humbled by all the kindness I’ve received thus far. I promise that I will continue to do whatever I can to make myself the best reviewer anime has ever seen!

So sit back, relax, and read some of my stuff. I immensely enjoyed writing them all, and I know you’ll enjoy reading them just as much.

Forever grateful,

Banjo :3