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Review/discussion about: Assassination Classroom Second Season

Assassination Classroom Second Season / Episode 15 / Koro-Sensei standing beneath the broken moon

Et tu, Koro-Sensei?

The best professor who I have ever had the pleasure of learning from goes simply by the name of John.

John is a complete character. With his long, scraggly beard and expletive-filled conversations, he taught me and my friends two very important life lessons: scratch your itch and quid pro quo.

“Scratch your itch” means to follow your dreams. You only have this one life, so you may as well make the most of it. I’m scratching my itch by writing and becoming a writer I can be proud of.

“Quid pro quo” means you have to put in the effort to get any results. So long as you are determined and willing and focused, success will follow. I apply these words to writing, too, having experienced firsthand what such effort brings.

Assassination Classroom Second Season has also taught me words to live by: Moving at Mach speed will not solve all troubles.

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Review/discussion about: Assassination Classroom

Assassination is the least of its worries

Assassination is the least of its worries

As I made my way through my early education, I always considered myself a pretty good student. I read my books, did my homework, and played nicely during recess. There was a big flaw that took a while for me to shake off, though: talking way too much. I would talk while the teachers were speaking, I would talk over my friends, and I would talk during assemblies when I wasn’t supposed to. No matter how many reprimands or punishments I got, I couldn’t seem to get it into my noggin that there are times when you get to speak your mind and times when you just have to shut up. I eventually learned this lesson – it took a little too long by my family’s account – but my teachers never gave up on me. They stuck through my incessant ramblings, allowing me to realize the error of my ways, making me into a better person because of their hard work. Assassination Classroom performs similarly, offering an anime that still has lessons to be learned.

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