Review/discussion about: Dance with Devils

Dance with Devils / Episode 1 / Ritsuka in her all-blue wedding dress

Like stepping on one’s own feet

Dance with Devils describes itself pretty well. There are devils and there is dancing. Less dancing than devils but still.

I cannot speak much about devils. (I have already talked at length about the Divine Comedy.) As for dancing, I also cannot speak much. There is one detail about dancing, however, that will always stick with me: my father’s “signature move.”

He told me that, if you cannot dance, or if you want to but want to avoid embarrassment, you simply do the “cabbage patch.” It is rather simple, really. Make fists out of your hands. Put them together – still as fists – as if you are creating one giant fist. Finally, bob your shoulders and gyrate your fists. There. You are doing the cabbage patch.

The question becomes, which is better, Devils or the cabbage patch?

My money is on my father’s advice.

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