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Review/discussion about: Garo: Vanishing Line

Garo: Vanishing Line / Episode 19 / Sophie and Sword and their wholesome friendship

Vanished away

The phrase “drawing a line in the sand” is used to represent the spot or the threshold that somebody should not cross for fear of consequences.

Garo: Vanishing Line, true to its name, brushes the sand away to pretend as if that line never existed. All so that it may go where it wishes and do as it pleases.

The anime was under the false pretense, though, that nobody would notice its transgressions.

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Banjo’s Top 10 Winter 2015 Anime

Who reigns supreme this Winter 2015?

Who reigns supreme this Winter 2015?

This arrives way later than I expected it to!

Having finally completed and reviewed every anime that I set out to watch at the start of the Winter 2015 season, this list can now come into fruition. There were a lot of contenders — more than 25 in total — but only the best of the best can arrive at the forefront.

Looking at the season as a whole, it’s actually pretty astounding to realize just how lucky we are, as an audience, when it comes to the medium we love so much. The diversity, the ideas, the passion; it’s present everywhere you look. I’m not one to shy away from harping on anime — see Isuca, Tokyo Ghoul Root A, and Juuou Mujin no Fafnir for examples — but even these lowly ones showcase the incredible range anime has in its repertoire. This time around, there are shows involving lesbians of the dragon and bear variety; shows that induce sadness through song and relaxation through dinner; and even some that go meta in their own, respective ways. It was an interesting season, one that proved that anime is, and always will be, amazingly unique.

Before diving into the list, it’s important to know two ideas. First, that I am an advocate of an anime “counting” in the season in which it completed. Meaning, whether it’s fantastic or not, something like Assassination Classroom has no place here. On the opposite end, anime such as Log Horizon 2nd Season do have a shot since it concluded in Winter 2015 despite starting the season prior. So, if you don’t see Parasyte — The Maxim here on my list, that means I either didn’t see it or it wasn’t good enough to make it (it’s the latter!).

Second, each anime has a personalized review that demonstrates why it deserves to be here in the first place. Simply click on an anime’s name to be linked to its review to read my complete thoughts on it. For every review that I wrote last season, follow this link to my Winter 2015 Reviews page!

With all of the introductions, formalities, and rules out of the way, it’s time to get to my Top 10 Winter 2015 Anime!

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Review/discussion about: GARO THE ANIMATION

Their destiny is written in the "stars" themselves

Their destiny is written in the “stars” themselves

When you think about what you want most in life — be it a nice job, a wonderful family, or simply that shiny new smart phone — it’s often not an easy task to acquire whatever it is. Normally, it requires sacrifice, the loss of something to gain something else. This isn’t sacrificial in the sense of people; it may be giving up going to a party in order to focus on work to get that job or choosing to reduce food spending to save up for that next piece of technology. Sometimes, what we sacrifice is more ethereal: our time, our well-being, and our goals can be what are discarded. And as GARO THE ANIMATION shows, regardless of what it may be, such sacrifice almost always brings with it something greater.

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