Review/discussion about: Is the Order a Rabbit??

Is the Order a Rabbit?? / Episode 4 / All of the girls walking home after having an outdoors tea party

A tiny treasure

In the final episode of the second season here of Is the Order a Rabbit?? (two question marks to signify the sequel), the girls go on what’s called a “Ciste.” Basically a treasure hunt. They use a map that contains clues that lead them through town until they discover a chest where goodies are had and traded.

When I was kid, one of my best friends had a birthday party where his mother set up a treasure hunt. I remember all of us peering over the map, running around the house looking for clue after clue. It was simple but fun, and, best of all, we found the chest tucked away in the closet by the entrance. Inside was enough candy to last a week, but, being boys, we finished it all before the night was up.

Rabbit?? may not be gold or jewels or even candy. But it’s still a tiny treasure worth seeking out.

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