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Banjo’s Top 5 Spring 2017 Anime

Little Witch Academia (TV) / Episode 1 / Akko seeing the Leyline

Which anime beat out the competition this Spring 2017?

I’m just now finishing up Spring 2017 season, but I’m slowly catching up!

It takes me so long because, to me, every anime deserves a shot. I don’t care what it is; I will give it its fair shake and try it out. From a dramatic story about two unfortunate people to a kindhearted tale about a grandfather and his granddaughter, I find it important to approach everything with fairness and respect and professionalism. It’s how I’ve always behaved as a writer and critic, and it’s how I’ll continue to behave for as long as I take part in this awesome medium.

Thus, with fairness in mind, we look back on this season and all that it offered. I myself tackled and reviewed eleven series in total. Of these eleven, only five earned a spot on this list, and just one claimed the prize of Best Anime of Spring 2017.

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Review/discussion about: Little Witch Academia (TV)

Little Witch Academia (TV) / Episode 2 / Akko's favorite poster of Shiny Chariot

A magical experience

(As supplementary material for this review, please refer to my writing on themes and motifs, “Little Witch Academia and Thematic ‘Magic'”.)

I can’t recall if I’ve talked about the Harry Potter series in-depth in the past, but, even if I did, it’s too relevant to Little Witch Academia and my own interests to leave on the wayside.

Long story short, I love that universe. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are an awesome trio of protagonists. The lore is interesting and packed with lots of details. Its premise, setting, and timeline make for a neat setup over the course of its whole run. I’ve read all the books, and I’ve seen the adapted films more times than I can count. It’s simply a world that I hold dear.

Do I put Little Witch Academia on the same pedestal personally? No, it doesn’t quite earn a special place in my heart. But what it does do regardless is craft and present an anime that’s worthy of praise all the same.

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Little Witch Academia and Thematic “Magic”

Little Witch Academia / Episode 1 / Akko smiling bright

What theme does Little Witch Academia explore?

Anime gives me everything I want in stories and then some.

One story may have compelling characters whose traits make me laugh. Another story may take on a completely different artistic style that dazzles my eyes with its strangeness. Then there could be a story that entertains me outright with moments of solid drama, crazy action, or sweet romance.

On that note, and just recently, I finished Little Witch Academia, Trigger’s famous and beloved anime from last year that won the hearts of many. A story about a girl’s dream to become as great a witch as her role model, the characters, the style, and the moments therein impressed me.

However, like always, I took a keen interest in the “…and then some” part of my original statement. And so I wished to know: What is this anime really about on a deeper level?

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