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Owarimonogatari / Episode 12 / Araragi looking back, both literally and figuratively, as the season concludes

Symmetry succeeds

(As supplementary material for this review, please refer to my essay on symmetry and asymmetry, Owarimonogatari, Symmetry, and Asymmetry.)

I’ve always grown up loving math; I’ve always grown up performing well in math. I’m still unsure if both of these are mutually exclusive or not, but I like to think that some connection exists.

The fun of mathematics comes from the complexity. Using variables, taking integrals, and memorizing formulae turn the field from crunching numbers into a brain-powered game. Of course, there are certain areas that can be tiresome – I’ve always had trouble with graphs and graphing – but it wouldn’t be math without a difficult derivative or two.

Owarimonogatari may not feature sines and cosines, but it does have math. And symmetry. And intrigue. All of this (and more) come together to equal one of the best entries the Monogatari series has seen so far.

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Owarimonogatari, Symmetry, and Asymmetry

Owarimonogatari / Episode 9 / Izuko Gaen explaining the current situation involving Araragi, Shinobu, Kanbaru, and the first minion

How strong can symmetry and asymmetry really be?

The Fall 2015 anime season saw another entry in the always-popular and often-strange Monogatari series: Owarimonogatari. And with it came the fun characters, the interesting plot lines, and the comedic ecchi material.

Unsurprisingly, Owarimonogatari also brought its signature visual style. Framed head-tilts, various camera orientations, and weird angles appear constantly throughout the season. Simply put, the men and women over at SHAFT (the studio behind the anime) are masters at their craft.

But it also targets other techniques. More relevant and thematic ones.

Symmetry and asymmetry.

The following essay will investigate symmetry and asymmetry. What they are, what they do, and what they create. Hopefully, by the end of this piece, you, the reader, will have a better understanding of symmetry and asymmetry as well as a greater appreciation of Owarimonogatari overall.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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