Classroom☆Crisis, Conflict, and Resolution


How are conflict and resolution crafted?

Space, subterfuge, and socioeconomic struggles.

These ideas are individually intriguing (I am getting all of my alliteration out of the way early!), but what if all three were contained in a single package? What if, perhaps, they were neatly delivered as a single anime?

Classroom Crisis is such a package, one that was somehow forgotten on the doorstep of many a member of the anime community during the Summer 2015 season. The show has a slower start, but, considering the political ties of the plot, this is a dark horse of the mightiest proportions.

Classroom Crisis most certainly deserves credit for blending together its separate subjects. After all, nothingness, trickery, and money are inherently cool themes, especially when taken together. However, what the anime does best is something many people take for granted: conflict and resolution.

The following essay will investigate these concepts of conflict and resolution. What conflict and resolution are, what forms conflict and resolution take, and even what conflict and resolution demand of the narrative. Hopefully by the end of this piece, you, the reader, will not only have a better appreciation for the art of conflict and resolution but also have a better appreciation for Classroom Crisis overall.

Without further ado, let us get started!

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