Review/discussion about: Joker Game

Joker Game / Episode 12 / D-Agency holding a meeting

Bluff gone wrong

When I was a kid, I would often try to eavesdrop on my parents’ “secretive” conversations.

I would be in the basement, playing a video game or watching television. When I heard the pitter-patter above me, however, I would move to the foot of the steps. The door was closed, indicating further that my parents were discussing topics not meant for my ears.

But I was curious. I would sneak up and crack open the door ever so slightly. I would then close my eyes and concentrate, focusing only on their words. Doing it so many times, I eventually got quite good at it. My mother and father talked about problems: other family members, financial issues, and even me (and my siblings) on occasion.

When I had my fill, I would creep back down, acting as though I were none the wiser. It was thrilling to me, being able to catch information without getting caught. Very much like a spy.

And with spying in mind, Joker Game proves that spies are more than just a bunch of eavesdroppers.

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