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Banjo’s Top 10 Summer 2016 Anime

91 Days / Episode 1 / Angelo looking down with a menacing grin dominating his face

Which earned attendance this Summer 2016?

Anime inspires me.

It’s one of the reasons why I love this medium so much. It doesn’t always happen with every show I watch, but there are those times when an anime connects with me, going beyond the fancy visuals or comedic asides on screen.

I had this connection happen in a tremendous manner with this season’s set of shows. After finishing the infamous Orange, it inspired me to approach my once-per-season mega essay differently. I made it less strict and more personal. I called my essay Orange and Learning Life Lessons, and it targets precisely what the title details.

Now, in the end, Orange messed up its execution quite a bit (and barely did not make my list), but I nonetheless found myself inspired by what it presented. I saw part of myself in Naho. I empathized with Kakeru. I found that its thoughts on life and living aligned with my own.

Yes, this prologue is an easy excuse to (shamelessly) self-promote that piece of mine once again. But it also serves to highlight something a lot more important. That is, from the top-tier diamonds to the bottom-of-the-barrel chaff, anime can inspire in ways not thought possible.

Maybe an ultra-grotesque show gets one thinking about religion. Maybe a complete life do-over makes one wonder what could have gone differently in their own. Or maybe it causes one to try out a new style of writing. It doesn’t matter if the show is “good” or “bad.” What does matter is that a strong connection has been made, inspiring like never before.

In keeping with the spirit of inspiration, this season inspired me to (yet again) compose a list of the best of the best. In total, nineteen different anime vied for a coveted spot. Ten tickets were handed out, and only one among them was given the title of Best Anime of Summer 2016.

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Review/discussion about: 91 Days

91 Days / Episode 1 / Angelo receiving the letter that sparks the journey

Cannot refuse this offer

My mother’s favorite film is Overboard starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Her second favorite film (which needs no introduction) is The Godfather.

She always sits down to watch it whenever it pops up on the television, and she owns a special, autographed print of the movie that hangs in the basement of her home for every guest to admire. She tends to enjoy every film she watches, but she really likes this one.

The Godfather is often lauded as a cinematic masterpiece due to its superb acting, great direction, crisp score, memorable scenes, and mature plot. 91 Days is an anime that clearly got its inspiration from this juggernaut of a film. While the show does not reach the same historic status, it is by no means worth passing up.

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