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Banjo’s Top 7 Summer 2017 Anime

Sakura Quest / Episode 20 / Sanae, Maki, Yoshino, Shiori, and Ririko standing together

And the best from Summer 2017 include….

Thinking about these past few months, a lot has happened for and around me.

Some of it was good, like indulging in other hobbies and being recognized at my day job. Some of it wasn’t so good, like a recent medical scare (which thankfully turned out to be nothing) and the passing of a close family member. In the end, life’s responsibilities shift and sway in importance and priority, and so anime cannot always be the foremost thing on my mind.

Despite the above detours and difficulties on both sides, though, an apparent truth has surfaced: Anime itself isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. A tale about a mysterious interdimensional restaurant or a story about a psychotic gambler are here to stay no matter how late I myself happen to be in posting these various threads.

As such, it makes perfect sense for me to finally reveal my favorite anime from this interesting season. Fourteen separate shows had the opportunity for glory. While seven spots were available, only one has claimed the title of Best Anime of Summer 2017.

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Review/discussion about: Aho Girl

Aho Girl / Episode 7 / Yoshiko eating a banana

Dumb fun

The banana is sometimes considered one of nature’s most amazing creations.

Commonly produced. Comes in bunches. Easy to hold. Sweet taste. Biodegradable packaging. Penchant for comedy. Not since the apple has there been such a fruit, such a food that has given humans so much with so little.

While people love bananas, nobody loves them as much as Yoshiko of Aho Girl. And, while she may have less brains than one of these yellow-wrapped fruits, she upstages their comedic value with her own brazen stupidity.

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