Review/discussion about: Tsurezure Children

by BanjoTheBear

Tsurezure Children / Episode 3 / Chiaki and Kana fighting about moving their relationship forward

Sugary, tasty cupcakes galore

Love makes the world a better place.

Such love can be for anyone or anything. A close family member. A good friend. A favorite pet. A passion in life. A meal on the table. Without love, we as people wouldn’t be able to enjoy each other and the things we have. So, it’s worth it to appreciate such a wonderful feeling.

Of course, we cannot forget about the most direct, unique love of them all: romance with a partner. That special someone in his or her life that nobody could ever replace in a million years. Tsurezure Children features such bonds basically a million times over, creating an anime that makes it easy for the audience to love back in turn.


Tsuzure Children sets itself up with the short format for its content. Its episodes run for just about thirteen minutes total, so it doesn’t have too much time to work with. However, it really only has one concept on its mind: love.

Indeed, this anime loves love. Thus, like an unending buffet of Valentine’s Day cupcakes, the anime fills the audience with romantic goodness in bite-size chunks that neither overstuff nor overbear. The sweet frosting promises cuteness as the characters react with full blushes and jubilation. The fluffy cake houses their lovey-dovey exchanges, ranging anywhere from playful teasing to passionate kissing. And the decorative wrapper that holds the dessert together carries comedy as “The Love Master” shares his knowledge, as a little sister attempts to stop potential progress, and as the occasional joke fills the space between those love-centric moments.

These vignettes are scrumptious. But, when the local bakery displays them all at once in its front window, the larger picture surfaces: Tsurezure Children highlights how romance comes in many different shapes and sizes. One couple is just starting the whole dating scene. One couple experiences hardship that tests their relationship. One couple seems completely unlikely (from the guy’s own point of view at any rate). In other words, those cupcakes are made up of the same common ingredients, yet their final taste tastes unlike each other.

Tsurezure Children / Episode 7 / Sugawara and Chizuru crossing paths in the nurse's office

Love is in the air and wonderful to see

Simultaneously, the cupcakes look different as well – and that’s the same for the couples. Their behaviors and feelings differ among them, creating dynamics that permit new ways for the anime to showcase what love does and means. Some joke around to avoid that initial awkwardness. Some miscommunicate their meaningful intentions. Some contemplate seriously what such a relationship entails. So, much like romance, the love that blossoms within such a concept also varies in shape and size.

With such constant variety, Tsurezure Children remains rather entertaining as it flits back and forth between every cupcake. While certain pairings do receive more screen time than others, and the audience will most likely have their own favorites, it isn’t too much of a stretch to deem this show as having “something for everybody.”

Moreover, this “something” does not just stay put with the status quo. Quite often, their small plotlines involve tangible progress for their romance and their love, turning a bunch of comedy asides into worthwhile moments for the multiple characters involved.

Altogether, these well-made, tasty, and varied cupcakes earn a three-star Michelin rating.


Just as Tsurezure Children showcases tons of variety in the romance and love between the couples, it also does the same with the many designs of its characters.

The colors and shading for their looks come from a bunch of areas on the rainbow that not only give them vibrant looks but also make it easier to tell them apart from one another. Plus, different depictions for their eyes, clothes, hair, and builds give them even more uniqueness amongst one another.

These character designs clearly take precedence within the show. After all, with the numerous couples and the focus on interactions, their depictions become the most important part for the visuals (and subsequently the romance).

Tsurezure Children / Episode 5 / Ayaka grabbing onto Takeru out of pure happiness

Cute, colorful designs matter most to the visuals

Nevertheless, the anime incorporates other stylistic choices that drive its content. Lots of cute and funny reactions for the characters. Imaginative scenarios. A semi-infrequent all-black background. In short, the anime does what it can to spice up its presentation.

Otherwise, the visuals coast along without doing too much. Movement remains at least serviceable. Background artistry does not stand out. The occasional hiccup in character proportions is noticeable but not egregious. And the cinematography is at least there in some form.

Again, the designs matter most, so these middling aspects of the art and the animation do not impact the show a whole lot. However, they do keep it from reaching that highest level when it comes to a critical sense.


To sell those story cupcakes from earlier, people are needed to man the cash register and guide people throughout the store. For Tsurezure Children, those people are its characters, and they do a very good job.

At roughly seven main couples, the anime does have its hands full. However, it manages to juggle them well if only because they each have their own personalities. That sounds like a no-brainer when it comes to writing believable characters, but, when fourteen (and then some) different ones exist at the same time here, and the show itself only has so much time in which to involve them, their ability to feel like their own person is not so easy to accomplish.

Thankfully, Tsurezure Children achieves such an outcome, crafting characters that have personal quirks, actions, and motivations that give them a foothold of their own to stand on throughout the season. For example, Jun is a very serious person who does not rush into a situation (let alone a relationship) without careful thought. Chizuru is quiet and kind but a bit too naïve when it comes to love. Yamane is ugly (according to himself), and he greatly appreciates his friendship with his buddy Motoyama. Ayaka is actually a lot needier than at first believed.

Tsurezure Children / Episode 6 / Akagi and Ryouko growing closer together

Love and romance better those involved

More importantly, though, these characters grow from the romance and the love that the share between each other. Take Kyouko. Akagi influences her enough to become a better person all around. She stops smoking. She values herself more. She pursues her studies in earnest. Chiaki is another strong example. He puts aside his silliness to declare what he cares about most: Kana and their relationship. Simply put, he comes to understand that she means more to him than any kiss ever could.

While the characters and their dynamics keep those cupcakes flying off the shelves, Tsurezure Children unfortunately loses a few employees along the way. Kanda and Takase do not see a proper resolution to the awkward confession and tension built between them. Also, the show seemingly forgets about the set of characters from or related to the astronomy club for no real reason.

Despite these tiny mishaps, the cast still differentiate themselves throughout the season, and their romances allow them to grow in tangible ways. A set of positives that make their efforts in the bakery worthwhile.


Much like the artistry, Tsurezure Children puts the most care for its audio into the characters with very solid voice acting for each of them. While nearly every role strikes at cuteness or fun, without a doubt the best performance comes out of Haruka Tomatsu as Hotaru.

She only has a couple of scenes, but her introductory one turns into something arguably memorable. Different pitches, emotions, and noises in the span of almost three minutes demonstrate her skill and boost the execution of the anime.

Beyond the VA performances, the music rests comfortably in the passable category. The opening track “Aimai Moko” is a nice little song whose acoustic guitar, chimes, eventual violins, and cheerful tone follow the anime’s own lighthearted feel.

Tsurezure Children / Episode 2 / Hotaru furiously holding onto her older brother Jun while absolutely hating Yuki

Ms. Tomatsu as Hotaru introduces herself in memorable fashion

Similarly, the ending track “Dear” leads the audience out of each episode with a gentle pull as a slow vocal delivery and soft piano keys ring out in the background. And the rest of the original soundtrack goes for daintier instrumentation for both its comedic and dramatic segments, giving the show’s scenes a stronger foundation to stand upon.

In total, the OP, the ED, and the OST are collectively one of the weaker parts of the show, but the VA performances rise above its average brethren. Ensuring that the audio quality of Tsurezure Children does not fall into anywhere unfavorable.


Romance is my jam, and this anime was jam packed with romance. So, naturally, I quite liked it.

Each couple brought something new to the table that got me smiling on my face and giddy in my soul. Ryouko and Akagi had a lot of maturity as they bullied and quarreled with each other. Kana and Chiaki synchronized their antics and worked hard to push their relationship forward. Ayaka and Takeru shared their thoughts and wants openly to deepen their connection.

And that’s not even half of them. Kanda and Takase overjoyed while texting. Chizuru trying to come to terms with her feelings for Sugawara as he tried to make his for her known. Motoyama supporting Chiyo and Yamane like a true bro. And Yuki teasing Jun constantly as Hotaru tried to interfere. Essentially, I was rooting for every couple’s success, and I was laughing with happiness while doing so.

Tsurezure Children / Episode 3 / Yamane and Chiyo going on their first date together

A kindhearted atmosphere made the couples even more fun

I also really appreciated the kindhearted atmosphere. Yes, tiny conflicts popped up on a rare basis, but the content made sure to take on a positive spin as much as it could. I didn’t have to worry about anything mean going down, and it was obvious that, if any problems did arise, they would inevitably correct themselves in the best way possible. This atmosphere, combined with the fun couples and their awesome romances, made this show a super-fun experience.

Tsurezure Children is a short anime with a lot to offer. The focus on love for its story and its characters create many a heartfelt, comedic moment for the audience to like. And the audiovisual design, while not too impressive, has its spare shining qualities as well. This concluding description is just one of the million ways in which to give this project praise.


Story: Great, an unending buffet of yummy Valentine’s Day cupcakes

Art & Animation: Good, the different, colorful character designs take precedence over the interesting stylistic choices and other passable aspects of the visual presentation

Characters: Good, the members of this very large cast have distinct representations even with the short runtime, and their romances allow them to grow for the better, but focus on specific ones is lost along the way

Music & Sound: Fine, some nice VA performances carry the audio forward as the OP, the ED, and the OST watch from the sidelines

Enjoyment: Great, jam packed with romantic goodness

Final Score: 8/10

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